Let's Get Away


Before I start rambling, I want to let y'all know that this is in fact NOT sponsored or paid for. I truly just really, really love Away as a brand. Their luggage is not only one of the most durable, reliable modes of travel but it's fashionable sense of style is what keeps me coming back. I get loads of compliments. :)

I always have somewhere to be these days. If I'm not shooting or running errands, I'm traveling to some far distant land. 2017 has been one of the most rewarding, exciting, gut-wrenching years of my life. From traversing Icelandic volcanoes, catching waves in Hawaii, living on the road, conducting an independent expedition to Africa, working with some of my most favorite clients in the world, etc. My adventurous thrill has yet to dilute. And although my never-ending crave for wanderlust has led me to some incredible experiences abroad, traveling can be equally as hard. All those grueling hours spent at the airport, the creeping loneliness as you spend your night away from loved ones, the chaos that comes with spontaneity, and the oh-my-god caffeine rush from yet another cheap gas station coffee. I've come to embrace the craziness of it all.

Because I'm constantly on the move, I don't have time to fibble with unwarranted zippers or mesh. I so desperately seek quality in the goods I purchase, especially for bigger items I bring with me everywhere. My favorite aspect of the typical Away bag is its sleek, minimalistic designed so perfectly for any occasion or outfit (because, believe it or not -- if I look good during a 14-hour flight then I'll feel good too). The hardcover case is what a suitcase should always be, its durability is a must. ALSO, did I mention that you can charge your phone at the top of the luggage? Yeah. So, that's pretty awesome.

Away was kind enough to also gift me a limited edition "mini" suitcase, making it the perfect gift for your traveling buddies this Christmas! It's the perfect size for carrying toiletries or camera batteries. I snapped some silly pictures of my doggo, River, and I below. He always has to be the center of attention... #travelaway

To shop the limited edition Holiday mini, go here: https://www.awaytravel.com/holiday-gift-set

To shop my Frost-colored carry-on suitcase, go here: https://www.awaytravel.com/luggage/bigger-carry-on/frost


...thanks again, you guys!

Urban Outfitters


Kayla Kane x UO

I love Kayla. She's a force of positive, fiery goodness. It wasn't long ago since our first shoot in an airstream many moons ago during the desert's cold winter months. We could spend endless hours together talking about nonsensical "this" and "that". A few mornings ago, we created some images for Urban Outfitters' new fall/winter line in our favorite local coffee joint. 'Tis the season!

Joshua Tree Acres


(^What the video above!)

A Place Beyond the Highway

This past Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be a wild night under the stars with some super beautiful people. The pictures truly speak for themselves in this set, I'm incredibly proud of these images. I've been to Joshua Tree three times during THIS YEAR ALONE and they its keeps getting better and better. What an inspiraional place.

I mean, look at that freaking coyote. And the air-streams. Oh my lanta.