Them Good Ole Boys

"I've Never Seen So Much Cacti In My Life..."

These past few days have been rather exciting. If you remember my blog post on inspiration from a few weeks back, you might recognize that some of these faces from the various lists I busted out.

I got a text message from Andrew a few days back asking to hang out, as him, Forrest, and Theron were in town for a week or two. The following afternoon we set sail on the Superstitions best off-roading trail: Montana Mountain Trailhead. Let's ride! 

The above images span over a few nights' worth of outdoor sessions romping in the desert landscapes. We were all exuding happiness in the warm afternoon sun -- these outta town folk ain't never felt as good as sunset as what's over here in the Southwest! ;) But seriously. 

These guys were rad. Check out Andrew's latest vlogs to see our fun little excursions! And subscribe. He's super talented.