What Matters Most

Family Reunions + Arches National Park

April 15th, 2017. A 70 year anniversary for my wonderful extended relatives and an official date marked for hundreds (literally) of my family to come together for a reunion in good ole' Grand Junction, CO. I invited my love, Reyce, to come along for this festive journey and it honestly turned out to be one of the most beautiful weekends of my life. 

I value the time spent with my loved ones more than you know. I sometimes forget how incredibly beautiful it is to put down the phone for a hot second and enjoy the presence of those who you normally don't get to see. Witnessing the precious smile my grandmother makes when she see's her grandchildren and listening to the hilarious banter my uncles make at the dinner table is something I don't get enough of. I want more of this.

I didn't take that many pictures, but I'm okay with it. I wanted to be fully immersed in the present -- belligerently unaware of what lies beyond my friends' Instagram updates or tweets. The only pictures I took were some snapshots for a few commissioned shoots for both United By Blue and Chaco's (kick-ass brands by the way!). I also did a really pretty bridal shoot inside Arches National Park for some old friends of mine. But -- do I feel the need to share these images? Not really. 

On the plane ride home, I couldn't think of anything else but my family; the ones I get to hold onto now and the one I hope to make of mine in the future. This is what really matters.

Fuck the internet.