NEW Journal: The Belly of America (And Canda)

A Road Trip From Phoenix, Arizona to Banff, Canada

" Both Tina and I have been intimately expressing our love for travel with one another for years. Following the countless coffee conversations, we’d finally quenched our long standing thirst for wanderlust. It felt equal parts fated and haphazard like any good adventure should. Living on the road does a beautiful job of collecting a myriad of memories only crazy asses like ourselves would willingly do again. Again. And again.

Picture it; two women scanning the ribbed edges of maps inside a poorly organized vehicle gracefully working through faulty corners. Tirelessly pulling out the ingredients for dinner, organizing it back in such a way to deter from bears, and doing it all over again twenty times over. Filling the low tires, gauging the tires, locking and unlocking the tent. The shrug of carelessness for a 6 hour drive ahead of us. 

Resilience. "

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