The Coziest Place in Puerto Peñasco

Reyce and I just returned from one of the most exquisite, intimate experiences in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. During our stay, we held the gracious privilege of working in collaboration with Kivoya, a full-service rental, and property management company. Our mini vacation was everything we could have wanted and more -- the people at Kivoya has perfected the ideal paradise. I'm already planning another trip here during the summer with family.

Kivoya is especially dedicated to quality. And to make your vacation entirely even more stress-free (bless!), they offer excellent concierge service, meticulous attention to detail, and on-site staff to assist you. I want to personally give all of my love to Alfredo for being so accommodating while Reyce and myself were present. He gave us everything to ensure we had the best stay possible, for which I am infinitely grateful. Excellent service is something seriously, so it was a real treat to feel the love! <3

Words cannot express how beautiful this property is; "beautiful" doesn't even come close to describing the magic. We Phoenicians have the option of traveling to either San Deigo, Los Angelos, or Rocky Point, Mexico to enjoy the luxury of the ocean during our vacations. I, without a doubt, will choose the Sea of Cortez over anything California has to offer. I mean -- look at the crystal clear water?! The clouds danced along the bright blue horizon so effortlessly and carelessly. My eyes stung like jellyfish at the sight of infinite seashells washed up on shore. Mornings were spent with coffee on the balcony overlooking the many miles of condos lined parallel to the sea.

We took it upon ourselves to take the kayak out for the first time on the ocean! Well, Reyce did. The sun dipped behind the horizon faster than I realized, so I didn't make it out. But boy oh boy it was extraordinary to be out by the water during sunset. I'm convinced desert landscapes offer the best evenings in the world, Arizona included. I've spent the better half of my life around the world and still can't find anything as comparable as the dusks in the Sonora.
Kivoya -- I love you. Every time I make this trip down South, I'll remind myself of the gracious memories you have given to my man and me. The sparkling wine, a whole wall-length line of windows facing the ocean, the local art, and the hospitality of a lifetime will never be forgotten. Folks, if you're traveling to Puerto Penasco from the valley with no idea on where to say, look no further.

Until next time! We'll be back!


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Gunslinger, Gunslinger


NEW Journal Entry

Rosalyn’s soft voice sung like a song in the walls of the dwelling. She spoke of her husband’s father as the medicine man and told stories of her youngest daughter as a blessing after her father’s rigid death. Her graceful presence and feminine nature felt safe, like home. Your can see the memories etched in her emerald eyes. You can feel the love for her people and the fear of what a future might look like if the true Navajo identity is lost. 

Sipping black tea by the stove, we sat through loads of albums. We come across one particular image that immediately struck us. 

“Is that John Wayne?”,  we ask.

“Yes, and that’s little-o-me!”, Rosalyn says under muffled laughter.

The picture is of John Wayne in his usual cowboy hat holding a baby before the three major rock formations of Monument Valley, the baby was Rosalyn just shy of three years old. All scratched up with grain and light leaks from the film camera...

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Joshua Tree Acres


(^What the video above!)

A Place Beyond the Highway

This past Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be a wild night under the stars with some super beautiful people. The pictures truly speak for themselves in this set, I'm incredibly proud of these images. I've been to Joshua Tree three times during THIS YEAR ALONE and they its keeps getting better and better. What an inspiraional place.

I mean, look at that freaking coyote. And the air-streams. Oh my lanta.