Film Series: Vol. 2


Memories on Film

Another batch of film came in and my heart did a little dance. Above are some images over a random 3 month period of time (or however long since I did a "film series" blog post) and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out!

Of course, these images are merely personal and some-what experimental. The colors are drastically overdue and the focus is a bit whacky in some of them. But -- who cares? I think photographers should always find ways to challenge themselves and think of fresh, creative ways to make note of their personal memories. You're going to hardly look back on your Instagram bangers for a good laugh, trust me. 

Love these guys. Love my friends. Hot damn!



Sometimes, at 7:30am, you’re in the kitchen brewing coffee feeling intense remnants of nostalgia. These fleeting sentimental longings are tugging your heart strings for no reason at all. Flashing memories of you and your best friends roller blading to the nearest Circle K to grab a $.70 polar pop take over. Then you think back at how cute that boy was in 3rd hour theatre class and how he kissed you one year later. You smile at the day your cousin was born and laugh when you fell off a bicycle trying to reenact E.T. Or maybe you’ll think of the nights where you lied awake at 2 AM trying hard to silence your crying so your parents wouldn’t wake up to ask what’s wrong. More fluttering nonsensical memories come and go, come and go. All in a matter of minutes. Simultaneous emotions of polar opposites come to play; your heart is beating rapidly and your mind becomes quiet. Your coffee is done brewing, ready for its first taste. Your mind shuts off and sets back to reality. You move on with your day.