Winter Camping

Secret Spots + Peanut Nots

Our extravaganza to Roosevelt Lake was rather interesting to say the least. We had a few issues getting our hands on some a good 4X4 vehicle to take out on the road, amongst other problems that suddenly arose on our trip. 

After a long winded beginning... we finally set sail on the road and blasted classic dance songs (Heroes by David Bowie, anyone?). With not a care in the world, the wind blew but ballistic gusts through our stringy hairs as the speaker(s) drowned the sound of the open windows. We hand-picked a deserted dry spot along the lake bed to set up camp for the night. Much love for family friends that let us borrow blow-up motorized boats to soar the glassy Sonoran waters.

Of course, true camping and traveling comes with the price of uncertainty. When our friends, Kelsey and Blake, drove to the nearest convenient store -- things suddenly went aray. As soon as they arrived, Blake stumbled out of Kelsey's CRV scratching the living hell out of his body and shouted... "I definitely ate a peanut cookie".  Mind you -- Blake is severely allergic to peanuts.

The night went on. We listened to music, Blake managed to play a bit of his guitar, and the fire roared. But... not for very long. His allergic reaction became worse, and worse, and worse. I won't go into details, but thank goodness we have a sick humor enough to laugh about it now.

Without hesitation, we packed up camp and headed home. Blake's livelihood was worth more than that. The next morning, we all blasted old time-y folk music and made our chorizo + egg breakfast that was supposed to be enjoyed by the lake. Equally a delicious and good time.

I loved our morning after.