Film Series: Vol. 1

From India, To Home

Wow. I love film.

I don't know why I never really gave it a chance before. I had always seen film photography as an intimidating device. I mean, I had a high-quality digital camera on me at all times so why bother? I guess I was just so butt-hurt over the fact that every film roll I've ever worked with got ruined by my stupidity.

However, a few weeks before my excursion to India, I decided to give my father's 40+ year old electronic film camera a shot. I was embarking on a trip of a lifetime and knew I had to at least give film another meek atempt. After many rolls used, I finally got them developed at a nearby camera shop. And wow -- I was pleasantly surprised. My film camera is coming with my EVERYWHERE now. 

These images feel nostalgic. I can taste the sweet coffee with my love and hear the sound of the water ripples outside my tent in the Himalayas. I can feel it all.