Four Peaks

The Final Ascent

It was a few years back when a group of friends and I attempted to summit Brown's Peak amidst the Four Peaks wilderness. All I can remember from that trip was the ridiculous behavior I displayed nearing the infamous scree chute. I clung to the side of a vertical rock wall, balled my eyes out, and refused to go any further up the top.

It was -- embarrassing to say the least.

Fast forward a few years later with a slightly different group and guess what? We made it. I finally beat those ugly demons of climbing up those dangerously steep rock walls and screamed at the summit. It was an exhilarating feeling to finally conquer those fears! This isn't to say I didn't shed a fear tears on the way up (well, almost...), but I did it with flying colors nonetheless. We celebrated with a few high fives and cans of beer.

      The scree chute. It doesn't look that steep -- but trust us, it was! The snow / ice cover didn't make our footing any easier.

                         My love and I at the top! We hardly have any photos together, so it was a real treat to grab this snap. :)

We had debated pretty profusely the night before our ascent if we should bring GOOD camping food or tough it out with pre-packaged Mountain Houses. It rang too late into the night to go grocery shopping last minute, so we went with the Mountain Houses. Yummy -- freeze dried pasta!

Nah, it was pretty damn tasty. We all mixed and matched different flavors and ate each other's leftovers at the campfire. Thanks to our girl, Kelsey, for being this trip's fire master!

A beautiful weekend trip messing around the in the outdoors, per usual. I love these guys so much.

For those of you interested in learning more about this trail and are in need some of outdoor wisdom with tips + tricks, check out my published article on Arizona Hiker's Guide profiling this amazing journey!

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