I'm on A Podcast

"Up in Smoke"

Okay. So, two things:

1.)  I'm an official car owner (pictured above).

A 2017 Subaru Outback.  I took my new baby out to the open desert for a drive underneath the painted pastel skies with my loves. I went from having the worst, most crappiest car to the one who's gonna be the designated driver for all future adventures. I've been working hard to earn this baby in my life and I can finally say she's HERE.  I named her  "Furiosa" after Charlize Theron's character in Mad Max: Fury Road. I have a feeling Furiosa and I are going to have the greatest time together. *smiles all stupidly*

2.) I'm on a podcast! 

I'm incredibly honored to have been featured on my good friend's NEW podcast "Up In Smoke"! Raina Virginia and Jamee Lind have worked very hard on this project featuring women who start creative fires in Arizona. <3 How RAD!

Check out their Facebook page, blog, and iTunes to listen to their first episode -- featuring me! (LOL!) We talk about my photography, how I got started, advice to those interested in starting off, and a whole lot of other good stuff.

Seriously. These ladies are incredible. Support them and follow along on this journey. :)

Listen to the podcast here!!!