Subaru x "Elements of Well"


"Elements of Well" // Subaru USA

Last month, I had the gracious opportunity to be the official photographer for several content shoots / events with Subaru USA in BOTH Texas and Tennessee! It was one of the most rewarding, precious jobs I've ever been a part of. Not only did I have the chance to road-trip across three different states I had never deeply explored before until then, but I met an incredible team of individuals along the way. Such a unique, positive experience with the BEST team.

We arrived to Austin, Texas in the later part of August. Nearby rainstorms came crashing down, making the streets ominous and misty. I roamed Austin's best coffee shops, indulged in an incredible pizza joint, and gawked at the plentiful food stands around every corner. I so desperately need to come back and explore the city on my own (so many more restaurants to feast upon!). 

The following few days were certainly ones to remember. The team road tripped in our 2017 Subaru Imprezas from Austin's quirky lands to the beautiful Dallas, Texas. After feasting on incredible salads made by lovely wellness gurus, Lee and Alison, we drew a remarkable floral bath (pictured above!) in what was the most BEAUTIFUL treehouse Air BnB we had ever seen! Our day ended with a lovely private yoga session by the ever-so-beautiful, Bibi McGill, and stared in awe of how much we adored our floral pressings lead by our sweet and talented florist, Kelly DeWitt. Also, I wanna give a quick shout out to my partner in crime and videographer, Vanessa Hellmann, who assisted me in the entire creative process. You ladies are all so, so awesome.

Our final day in Nashville was kicked off with a brilliant retreat led by Lee and Alison by the name of "Elements of Well"; entirely focusing on personal wellness and self-love. Lots of yummy treats, an amazing Hatha yoga class, flower pressing with pounds of lavender, sweet rides to and from town in the Imprezas, and a load of beautiful friendships in the making. It was so nice to meet all of the exciting and fresh faces who wanted to be a part of this special day. Our participants had a blast just as much as the team did. :)

Trudging through the best local hot spots, carrying my beloved camera with me everywhere, teaching people the art of floral crafting, AND learning to make the perfect cup of matcha tea? I mean, how awesome? It was a wild week on the road with my girls and I'm so, so happy for the experience. As a long time Subaru fan and owner, this was a real treat. :) Until next time.

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