I Want Her Back.

I long for her young heart again.

That sweet, cured sensitivity to the battered bruises of my mother’s needs.

The want to save the soul of my dead guinea pig that lay on its back or my father’s lingering Modelo breath that was earlier spat on the concrete floor. I laid on my bed in that blue-flowered blanket hoping for buttered toast and not those dry, severely under-seasoned pork chops. But mom would seldom prevail. 

I still yearn for those summer afternoons drenched in iced lemonade as I watch the dryer tumble my underwear, white-knuckling the tip of the white ceramic as I stretch my legs. I’d rot in curiosity while sifting through dead Canna-Lilly beds in the backyard. I’d come back inside with fly and ticks and mom would rail something mad.

There’s a pain in dreaming of who I used to be.

Who I’ve met.

Where I’ve gone.

What I have left to do.

"A Place To Rest My Head"

Photographer + Writer || Natalie Allen
Photographer + Writer || Natalie Allen
Photographer + Writer || Natalie Allen
Photographer + Writer || Natalie Allen
Photographer + Writer || Natalie Allen
Photographer + Writer || Natalie Allen
Photographer + Writer || Natalie Allen
Photographer + Writer || Natalie Allen

"A Place To Rest My Head"

A new ongoing photo project hi-lighting the intimate appreciation of interpersonal relationships. The raw, unpoised, and deeply soulful moments between two people. Whoever, wherever. Captured on 35mm or 120 film.

CASTING CALL: Real-life partners (however you two want to define that) who aren't afraid of the camera. Must be 18+. All genders, sexual orientations, races, ages, ableism's, and personal identities are encouraged.

Email me at info@natalieallen.co if you want to get creative with me on this project. 

I've Got Some Exciting News...


Kick Your Ass & Good Things Will Follow

Well, I have some exciting news.

You're looking at Moment's all-new mother freaking Writer.

Additionally, I'll be helping lead not one... not two... but THREE travel photography workshops across the gorgeous sprawling vistas of Havasupai Falls, the Grand Canyon, and Antelope Canyon. Read more information on how to sign up and enter a giveaway HERE: https://www.shopmoment.com/travel

Pouring my energy into something this big and exciting feels so right. I'll finally be able only work on photography projects that perfectly align with my passionate pursuits and make all dreams become a reality. I"m so ready.

This is going to be good. I'm stoked. 

Joshua Tree Acres


(^What the video above!)

A Place Beyond the Highway

This past Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be a wild night under the stars with some super beautiful people. The pictures truly speak for themselves in this set, I'm incredibly proud of these images. I've been to Joshua Tree three times during THIS YEAR ALONE and they its keeps getting better and better. What an inspiraional place.

I mean, look at that freaking coyote. And the air-streams. Oh my lanta.