What Happens When You Take a Company Offsite to Mexico

Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen | Photographer + Writer

Tulum, Mexico

Where was the greatest place you’ve ever awoken at? Was is your grandmother’s cozy muffin-ridden guest room, a tropical cruise stateroom, or an expansive space tapping between dreaming and the day? Perhaps it’s a hazy space that puts the guest in the wonder of wherever life will take you; space where reality has yet to creep into sudden change. Villa H20, a boutique hotel nestled between palm trees and grass cabanas that the Moment family stayed at in Tulum, feels like you’ve never left that first moment between sleep and awake. It felt unreal — the melting of land and sea, the ethereal mixing of the senses.

Remote culture means hustling in even the most exotic of locations; toying with some perpetual vacation syndrome — even the easiest of days means waking up at the crack of dawn to go heads down on support, write product copy, or photoshop graphic renders. Then, as soon as the warm afternoon sun blankets the jungle, we set out for an adventure. Perhaps it’s a catamaran ride splashing against the cozy Caribbean seas or an expedition to the famous turquoise cenotes just across the horizon. Whichever we choose — Moment plays hard.

Many times, us humans want our tender moments to be temporarily unbothered. We wish to escape the violent snarl of a 9-5, the dreariness of routine, and the fidgety nature of everyday life. Much like the moon, we want to rip through ever-changing tides to feel full again, like escaping amongst the panthers in the jungles of Mexico. These natural blessings create a heightened sense of awareness, leaving our souls replenished and full. With a large group of nearly 40 individuals searching for that same purpose, there comes an inevitable bond between work and play.

If you talk about doing something for long enough, you’ll come to a point whether you either have to see it through or let it go. The fantasy of taking a company-wide offsite to an exotic international destination was one of those things. Intending to drive our revenue 2x over a year ago, we mustered the drive to ramshackle that very opportunity.

Mexico is a fascinating place where leisure exists, which is why we quickly jumped on the invitation as soon as we had the idea. It reminds us that we’re happier, stronger, and more focused when we bond together as a team in a thoughtfully curated and gently placed landscape that exists in harmony with nature.

New Journal Post on Norway


The Lofoten Islands | Discovering Norway's Unbeatable Beauty

Norway is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful countries on planet Earth. The vast mountainous backdrops, snow-capped vistas across the horizon, vibrant hues from the aurora borealis, and a stunning cap to the remarkable simplicity that is Oslo city. Travelers from around the globe come and witness and photograph Norway's absolute beauty, but some of the most gorgeous spots you'll see lite deep within the Lofoten Islands, located just North of the Arctic Circle. You'll never forget your first approach to the islands' gaping epicness; their tall, craggy profiles stand against the sky like some spiky sea dragon. The beauty of this place is just staggering.

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Open Roads

Natalie Allen - Travel Photographer + Writer
Natalie Allen - Travel + Lifestyle Photographer
Natalie Allen - Travel Photographer + Writer

The Unlikely in the Desert

I’ll be a desert rat until my last breath; we ripped through Joshua Tree’s open road for hours against burnt skies, shared beers at a local saloon, and told stories of childhood in the unlikely corners of our home states. It was perfect.

Caleb, Niles, Taylor, and myself did a kickass video / photo shoot for Moment’s latest Tele 58mm campaign, you should check it out. No offense or anything, but I’ve got the best job in the world.

Joshua Tree Acres


(^What the video above!)

A Place Beyond the Highway

This past Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be a wild night under the stars with some super beautiful people. The pictures truly speak for themselves in this set, I'm incredibly proud of these images. I've been to Joshua Tree three times during THIS YEAR ALONE and they its keeps getting better and better. What an inspiraional place.

I mean, look at that freaking coyote. And the air-streams. Oh my lanta.