White Sands


I've Got a Crush On You

New Mexico, I like you. A lot.

Reyce, River, and myself packed our bags and hit the road heading East. We wanted a little time away from our life in PHX, so we did it in style. We're grateful to have been comissioned to shoot a few polished selects from United By Blue and Keep It Wild (the coolest outdoor brands ever!). Thankful for this intimate time with my boys and the ability to shoot what I love with as much creative freedom as possible. 

See y'a next time!


Paolo Soleri.

Back again in Paolo Soleri's famous "Cosanti"; a ceramics studio just outside of Paradise Valley, Arizona. Took this Seattle beauty around the desert town for a few hours yesterday and she absolutely fell in love. It's such a treat to be introducing southwestern gems to out-of-town traveler's!

Let's Talk: Fair Trade Certified

"Let's Talk" Series:

My Love for Patagonia's CEO + Fair Trade Clothing Products

I wrote a pretty passionate Instagram post the other day detailng a topic that's been on my heart for quite some time. It went a little something like this:

My 2017 resolution? To be a conscious consumer. I'm severely disappointed by cheap, low-quality fast fashion trends and plastic goods. I can't even go into a department store anymore without feeling gross. The world of business can be opaque and supply chains are murky, so it is difficult to confidently make an informed choice. This has been on my heart for the past year, but I have never made a true effort because it was "too hard". But that's bull crap. I need to be better than that. We all need to be better than that. Less is more. Quality over quantity, damn it.

There you have it.

I'm not entirely too sure what brought on this immediate despair against cheap fashion trends, but all signs are telling me it was this year's Christmas shopping. Every time I walked into a local department store or mall to grab a few items for my friends, I felt so dirty and cheap. The t-shirts were made with shit cloth, plastic containers were made to look "luxurious" by having it wrapped in fake twine, etc. So disappointing. 

However, the other morning while driving up North to my boyfriend's cabin, Reyce and I listened to a fantastic podcast on NPR called "How I Built This". This podcast series encompasses a wide range of interviews with inspiring individuals who've build their own empire from the ground up. But the one that struck us most with the most peculiarity was Sanders' interview with Yvon Chouinard -- the CEO of Patagonia. 

I'm sure everyone knows of Patagonia and how incredibly durable their products are -- especially my fellow outdoorsmen. Not only do their rain jackets actually last a trek through the Himalayas, but I'll be wearing that same jacket for decades on end. However, Patagonia's high-quality merchandise isn't the only reason I love them. Their entire mission statement is to build he best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and make business an inspiration to implement solutions regarding the environmental crisis. Yvon is an iconoclastic entrepreneur that brings good in the heart of his business by living a more simplified and intentional life. 

Please, do yourself a favor and listen to the podcast below. And for those of you interested in educating yourself on the topic of fair trade clothing and where to find them, watch the video linked below. I think you guys will really, really enjoy them.

'Till next time, folks. Consume well. Look at your tags. Do research on the brands.

It's important.