Highway Wildflowers


Like A Little Bud

Reyce and I rummaged through bright yellow wildflowers off of some random highway back to Phoenix from New Mexico. This as the only cluster out of this year's entire season, musta been a hell of a dry one. Captured on 35mm film, as always.


Film Series: Vol. 6


Good Livin'

Yet another film series to gander. I'm still so impressed by my dinky 35mm's capabilities to capture such bright, sharp images. I love opening my packets of scans, little pockets off infinite small memories to share. 

Above are snippets of Joshua Tree National Park, portrait series with Kayla, Monument Valley, and various desert scenery. Can't wait to share more.

Summer Nights

A Desert Oasis, Waterhole, and Burnt Marshmallows

People often complain about how Arizona is too "lame" or "boring" or "ugly". Like, excuse me? Not only are those words personally offensive to me since this state is my home and I'll defend it to my grave, but such negative accusations are simply not true. Look at this place. It's MAGIC. Arizona is rich with cultural landmarks and saturated beyond belief with exquisite surprises, such as this oasis located quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

Being a photographer means having the chance to explore areas around my home that would be cool for shoots. I've been in contact with some super kick-ass brands lately that have been dying to get a feel for the desert's tasteful beauty. Naturally, I explore uncharted areas of the Salt River, swashbuckle through the Verde Creek, and hunt for waterfalls. Instead of hiring models with zero outdoor experience -- I gather my best friends and set out on the road hunting for the best spots at sunset. These are the moments I live for. Work days like these are what me so excited to get up in the morning. 


Featuring Compas Life and Keep it Wild and Arizona Hiker's Guide.

Film Series: Vol. 3

"The 70's was the Best Time of our Lives". 

My dad always bragged about how AWESOME growing up in the 70's and 80's were. "You'd get pulled over for pot and the cops would just smash it to the ground and let you carry on with your day. Nowadays they'd bust you if you looked like you had one drink. What bullshit", he'd say.

He's been out of town for the week to visit some friends in Colorado Springs; they're all about to head over to a famous car show in Moab. Naturally, I took it upon myself to explore the house a bit more since he's gone. Yesterday afternoon, I rummaged through old pictures / eclectics while drinking a vodka tonic and found over 20 huge boxes stuffed to the brim with old photographs that had belonged to my dad. JACKPOT. While 80% of these images were silly snapshots of car parts and junkyards,I found a few gems. I could look at these babies for hours.

The last image was me as a baby. FYI. Wasn't I kind of cute? Kind of?