Check out my latest Super 8 Film. I’m pretty proud of this one, going to start conjuring up more projects. <3

Joshua Tree Acres


(^What the video above!)

A Place Beyond the Highway

This past Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be a wild night under the stars with some super beautiful people. The pictures truly speak for themselves in this set, I'm incredibly proud of these images. I've been to Joshua Tree three times during THIS YEAR ALONE and they its keeps getting better and better. What an inspiraional place.

I mean, look at that freaking coyote. And the air-streams. Oh my lanta.

Zambia: NEW Journal Post and YouTube Videos

Field Notes from My Solo Expedition to Zambia

"...8 months later, I found myself traveling over 45+ hours to wind up the crazy small village of Mfuwe positioned just outside the South Luangwa National Park. Alone. Here to photograph the children, the wildlife, the villagers, and ultimately — Chipembele’s story."

Below are links to the first-hand accounts of my time in this wondrous country; big or small, treacherous or peaceful. Buckle up, it’s a longer read this time. Traveling alone with almost zero access to wifi or service during my trip, I had a lot of time to myself to think and practice mindfulness. Link down below.

Take a gander if you will.

Read my newly published journal piece here.

Watch my YouTube videos down below!

Watch this one!


Iceland: Journal + YouTube Video

10 Day Road Trip Iceland Trip

The months are slowly approaching June and I'm becoming nostalgic (already) of my boyfriend and I's adventure in Iceland. We road tripped around the ring road for 10 days; my heart is so full just thinking about it all. Gah. I love him.

Ready my full travel journal on my home page here. And, if you have 11 minutes to spare, grab a good ole cup of coffee and watch our home video linked in YouTube above. 

Much love to y'all.