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As a reportage photographer and writer with a focus on outdoor adventure and social impact storytelling, I am passionate about the stories, people, brands, and projects that influence an intersection of art and conversation. With an intent to be as vulnerably philosophical or poetic as need be, my work is categorized as both whimsical and naturalistic. Inspired by the nostalgic feel of analog documentation, I like to primarily shoot on 35mm and 120mm film for extended photo projects.



Editorial + COMMERCIAL

Editorial / commercial content includes, but not limited to: visual storytelling pieces to be represented in online publications, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, etc.  Editorial pieces are used to tell a story or article in the context of the publication.

 I hope to inspire and support my clients through every step of our creative process by working intimately on brand research, concept design, and successful execution. I truly believe that meaningful partnerships foster forward-thinking conversations and generate innovation.

Reportage Storytelling + Journalism

High-quality and uniquely driven content writing for company blogs, outdoor branded articles, social media marketing management, and selected video and audio recordings. Journalism activity for newspapers, magazines, or news websites are in preparation to share news in the contexts of art, society, culture, and environmental issues.

With excellent research capability, a quick-wit voice, and a well-established grammar style -- I hold my client's audiences with the utmost respect to go above and beyond the repetitious, saturated topics we often see in our industry's standard. 



Sponsorships + CAMPAIGNS

Integrate sponsors in an interesting and authentic way across all of your owned and earned platforms with social integrations. Fun, interesting, and engaging methods of marketing that go beyond a simply Instagram or Twitter post. Social sponsorships make the brand a part of the conversation by creating interactive social experiences powered by fan content, votes, or other actions.

Campaigning shall be coordinated alongside correct marketing efforts to reinforce or assist with a business goal that differ from everyday social media efforts because of their increased focus, targeting and measurability.

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