It's A Girl Thing

"Okay, Where the hell are we?"

Nothing better than an all-girl's trip through the desert, eh?

I never fully appreciate my travels until I return home, look at all the photos, and reminisce on those silly (and highly inappropriate) conversations in-between those deep belly-laughs. This all-girls trip was sponsored by H Influencer Collective in which we used a sum of money towards a Southwestern road-trip of our choosing. We traversed the White Sands in New Mexico all the way to the spooky roadsides of Marfa, Texas.

It was, without a doubt, an unforgettable journey.

Most of the girls that went on the trip I only knew to a fair extent; some even strangers. Many people may feel weirded out with being stuck in a car for 15+ hours with people with whom they barely know. Not me, though. I’ve done enough solo traveling these past few years to rely on the exhilarating feeling of meeting and adventuring with new people. I have no problem with it. And how could I with such a kick-ass group of girls?

Perhaps it was the first night in Cloudcroft, New Mexico that tugged on my heart strings. It was about 8:00pm and we were all dying of hunger. Right after we checked into our Air Bnb, we all decided to hop in the cars and grab some grub after our tiring previous exploration in the White Sands. Of course, our GPS failed us miserably. We ended up driving to the top of a mountain in our dinky Hundai hatchback and found a dog that we felt the need to deliver back to his owner. That sweet pooch hopped in the vehicle as we continued to, again, drive around the mountain in search of an Italian resturant that seemed to be no where in sight. After almost an hour of trying to find this damn place (and that dog’s owner), we’d almost given up. Luckily, we saw a couple of strangers walking in the dark alleyways of the mountain side neighborhood and promptly delivered the dog back to them. Damn, I miss that dog already. Indiana — you’re a sweet boy! We all miss you!

Kennedy, our trip leader, decided to get the hell off the mountain. “My car just can’t handle this”, she said as the entire vehicle was manslaughtered by desert rocks and brushes. “Good idea”, we agreed.

Finally, after great haste and diligence, we pulled over to the only open eatery in town. Tired, hungry, and freezing. As soon as our exhausted bodies entered the bar — all eyes were on us. Have you ever seen “The SpongeBob Movie” and that scene where SpongeBob and Patrick enter the bar and watch all the tough locals flexing their muscles and become silenced when they see the two goofy goobers standing in the doorway? Yeah, well… we were the goofy goobers. Dismissing their rudeness and uncomfortable stares, we ordered 8 baskets of chicken strip baskets and got the hell out of there.

We never ate so fast in our lives.

It’s all in the little moments, you know. Those funny conversations you have about your boyfriends or that extremely delicious house-made pasta in Marfa that you just can’t seem to get over (you guys — SO GOOD!). I’m forever grateful to have been apart of something so unique and special. 

I’m a firm believer in the fact that a photographer cannot create good content unless the moment is genuinely memorable. I see a lot of photos circulating social media that contain the same rhetoric and frankly, I’ve grown rather sick of it. With this trip, I wanted to create images that portrayed EXACTLY what was going on in the scene. No impressive vistas or made-up emotions. Just a pure, honest good time. 

I love you, ladies. #GirlPower till the end. Everything made imaginable on our journey had far exceeded our expectations. 

Check out more images on my Tumblr or Instagram feed. Also, I put together a really great movie on YouTube that y’all should check out — I’m super proud with how everything turned out. Happy, happy day.