"Just a few steps further."

Nature is the greatest reset button. As soon as the fresh air swarms the gentle ends of my nostrils, I immediately feel a sense of purpose and peace. “I’m suppose to be right here, right now”, I think to myself. I close my eyes as my shoulders stiffly roll to the tips of my ears, down the back… and my feet get moving (they do all the work!).

My thighs begin to feel the much needed burning sensation on Mile 3, 5, 7, and so on. It hurts. A lot. My pack full of gear, clothes, food, and water are tightly strapped against my back. The weight becomes unbearable at times, but hardly recognizable at other times.

I guess that’s the super cool thing about trekking for days at a time, eh? You have no idea what lies ahead of you, whether you’re on the trail or off of it. It’s a mystery that can only be solved through experience and impeccable mental strength.

I’m to thankful to have been apart of Fjallraven’s Inaugural Classic USA trip through the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With a team of 120+ members, staff, and likeminded outdoor enthusiasts — I found the coolest / greatest individuals to hold myself dear to. Together as a loving community, we camped underneath the bright stars, passed whiskey around the campfire, and endured the sharp pains in our bodies after a treacherous hike. 

'Till next time, my loves.